VDL Nedcar is keen to demonstrate its involvement in society by sponsoring a series of projects.

Two-way traffic

VDL Nedcar views sponsorship as two-way traffic; a form of cooperation in which we and the sponsored party contribute to achieving jointly agreed targets. After all, sound cooperation can deliver huge added value for both parties and their environment. By supporting projects in engineering, healthcare and wellbeing, and social and cultural projects, VDL Nedcar aims to deliver a positive and meaningful contribution to society. We fervently believe that any initiative we support mist closely match the core values of our business and we encourage a sound relationship between internal and external target groups. This helps us share our values with the region and underlines our ties with society.

Technology promotion and education

As the only car manufacturer in the Netherlands we live and breathe technology. Every day we experience how much fun and how challenging engineering can be. Technical innovations have become an integral part of our daily life. Thanks to technical innovations, we are able to achieve continuous improvement. VDL Nedcar recognises the importance of making people aware of the essential nature of industry and technology to society and boosting enthusiasm for technology. To make this possible, VDL Nedcar supports a number of regional activities and events each year that relate to technology and technical education. Our focus is on young people since young people represent the future for us all.

Healthcare and wellbeing

VDL Nedcar also supports regional healthcare and welfare projects. As well as projects that relate to physical and metal health, we are also involved in our living environment, education, social contacts and recreation. In this way, we aim to make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of these often vulnerable groups of people, who require additional support.


VDL Nedcar recognises its joint responsibility for contributing to the positive development of its environment and the region in which the majority of our employees (and their families) live. We reflect this responsibility by supporting social projects throughout the region. We share close ties with and are proud of our region, where we are happy to live and work.

Culture and sport

Culture is an integral part of our society. We are happy to support projects that in turn help retain our nation’s culture. We also support or leading regional football clubs as part of our sporting programme. In the knowledge that many of our employees are football fans, it is good to proudly link our name to these clubs.

To be eligible for sponsoring by VDL Nedcar, the sponsoring application must have been received at least two months prior to the start of the project or activity. We are mainly interested in applications from the four areas on which VDL Nedcar focuses its sponsoring activities; technology (education), healthcare and wellbeing, society and culture and sport.

Submitting sponsor applications

To assess whether we can consider your application, we require a number of details:

  • Name, address, postcode, place of association or foundation
  • Name, telephone number and email address of contact person
  • Description and objective of the project or activity
    date of the project or activity

 VDL Nedcar provides no support to:

  • Projects or activities serving exclusively an individual interest;
  • Projects or activities that are socially and/or ethically irresponsible;
  • Organisations or activities that serve political or religious objectives;
  • Organisations that are fully government subsidised;