About VDL Nedcar

VDL Nedcar is an experienced Dutch vehicle contract manufacturing company that has been building cars for over 50 years. Since starting as DAF, we have built cars for Volvo, DaimlerChrysler, Mitsubishi and currently BMW. Twenty-three different models – together representing almost six million cars – have rolled off the production line in Born.

Since the end of 2012, we have been part of VDL Groep based in Eindhoven, and the factory has developed into an independent car manufacturer. Between 2012 and 2014 the production halls and production lines were redeveloped and rebuilt, and our logistic facilities were expanded and modernised. The factory was officially reopened in July 2014, when production was started on the MINI Hatch. That model was joined in 2015 by the MINI Convertible and in 2016 the MINI Countryman, a model of which we also produce the PHEV variant. Since 2017, VDL Nedcar has also built the BMW X1.





At VDL Nedcar, a passionate and committed team of over 4.000 members is working every day on making the impossible possible. By knowing what customers need, innovative thinking, flexibility, a hands-on mentality, problem solving capabilities, excellent quality, a favourable geographical location as a gateway to Europe and years of experience and commitment towards customers form all cultures and countries, VDL Nedcar is always in motion and it’s is the right player for automotive brands to work on every challenge. 

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In the heart of Europe 

Our production plant in Born is located in the south of the Netherlands, in the heart of Western Europe and the European automotive ecosystem.

VDL Nedcar has access to an excellent infrastructure by road, railway and water, with direct connections to main European ports such as Rotterdam, Zeebrugge, Antwerp and Hamburg. Nearby, you will find several airports and the largest inland barge terminal in Europe. 


Enabling success

VDL Nedcar has a long track record with premium brands. Our state-of-the-art production facilities, quality systems and dedicated workforce have produced recognised high quality products for our customer(s). 

The 2020 JD Power Award as the third best Car Manufacturer of Europe & South Africa, one of the seven JD power awards received in the past four years, is the ultimate confirmation. Quality is personally guaranteed by our dedicated staff and employees. 


 One Stop Shop for Vehicle Manufacturing

VDL Groep is a versatile automotive supplier with extensive experience in the field of electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving, design, complete automotive factory automation and (vehicle) contract manufacturing. VDL Nedcar works closely with other VDL companies to offer our customer(s) a One Stop Shop experience. 

Besides our cooperation with several VDL companies, we also partner with engineering and research companies to support our clients with all their needs regarding homologation and engineering. At the back of our value chain we partner with transportation, dealerships service and after-sales focused partners. 


Flexibility, part of our DNA

As a Vehicle Contract Manufacturer, flexibility is an important part of our DNA. This is proven by our launch of five different models on the same production line, while at the same time ramping up from zero to over 200,000 vehicles in four years.

Due to our experience with many different logistic flows and a rather unique pearl chain procces, we organise an efficient and reliable inbound logistics flow. Our 'warehouse' on wheels, in combination with continuous monitoring systems, lead to an absolute minimum inventory stock. Whether it is CBU, SKD or CKD production, we are capable to optimise our logistics processes to the benefit of our customer. 

Area development and expansion of VDL Nedcar

In 2019 VDL Nedcar and the province of Limburg signed an agreement on the sale of land around the factory. Increasing the total site to approximately 1,500,000 square meters.

The capabilities of the current plant are sufficient to deliver approximately 230,000 units per year in a two shift set up.  Mid 2021, the permit process for an additional 59 ha of automotive expansion to an overall accumulated volume of 400,000 cars per year is expected to be completed. This gives VDL Nedcar the possibility to adjust their automotive activities to the needs of their customer(s).

VDL Nedcar is part of VDL Groep

VDL Nedcar is part of the Dutch family-owned industrial company VDL Groep. With 105 operating companies in & 19 countries more than 15,000 employees and an annual turnover of 4.7 billion euros in 2020, VDL Groep is one of the biggest companies in the Netherlands. From high tech automotive factory automation to VDL’s leading position in Europe with mobility services, E-mobility including loading infrastructure and full-service tailor-made solutions, hydrogen power buses, automated guided vehicles and E-truck including 'second-life' battery charging infrastructure. VDL Groep works at the forefront of automotive developments in Europe and is markt leader in the field of electrifying heavy-duty transport.

Within its mobility cluster, VDL has reserved R&D capacities in the automotive industry as one of the key initiatives. Besides the production of vehicles and buses that already are established activities, desk studies have been performed to investigate the feasibility of installing multi-functional battery module and assembly automation and alternative battery recycling processes. Furthermore, extensive discussions have been taking place to safeguard product development capacity at local renowned R&D offices in case structural adaptions are required related to quality enhancement, homologation and driveline (ICE) modifications to existing automotive products.

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