The gleaming, untrimmed body shells arrive from the Paint Shop and are placed on a 1.5 kilometre-long assembly line. Depending on the individual requirements of each customer, the many highly trained specialists at VDL Nedcar, supported by robots, fit thousands of different parts on the body shell. Our Just-in-Time and Just-in-Sequence processes ensure that all these parts are delivered precisely at the right moment and at the right place.

At the end of the final assembly line, the cars are almost fully finished and ready for their driver. However, they are only allowed to leave the factory after a series of comprehensive inspections and functionality tests. All relevant data are subsequently stored for tracking and tracing. These data also help us in the continuous improvement of our organisation and processes that themselves represent the perfect combination of theory and practice learned from our Japanese and German partners.

When the cars have passed the many stringent tests, they are driven to the delivery yard. From here they are transported by road to the dealer showrooms. On balance, we only manufacture cars that have already been sold.

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