Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Since its founding, VDL Nedcar has maintained close ties with the living and working environment. For us, it is natural to contribute to the sustainable development of society and to support initiatives in our region.


With regard to the environment, VDL Nedcar operates a sustainability policy. The implementation of energy saving and waste prevention plans and the recycling of raw material receive our constant attention. Moreover, since its inception, VDL Nedcar has been closely involved in the living and working environment. It is natural for us to contribute to the sustainable development of our society.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

VDL Nedcar views CSR as an integral part of its overall business policy. This means that CSR aspects are taken into account in the decision-making process for organisational, process-related and technical matters. In our view of Corporate Social Responsibility, we distinguish three subareas: employees, products & production processes and society.

Sustainable building and recycling

VDL Nedcar self-manages its own building work. In all new-building and renovation projects, we focus on the sustainable use of materials, lower energy consumption and reduced burdens for the environment. We achieve this for example through smart design with maximum daylight in our factories, the use of LED lighting, the installation of solar panels, the use of a ground-source heat pump and by using residual heat from the production process for heating our premises. Paint particles in painting lines, for example, are captured and subsequently reused.

Circular economy

In a circular economy, waste streams are connected to one another in a kind of loop, as is the case in nature. A circular system is designed to reuse products and materials as far as possible, and to keep the destruction of value to a minimum. This is a completely different approach from the linear system where raw materials are transformed into products that are destroyed at the end of their service life.

At VDL Nedcar, the circular economy is largely enforced in practice. It is embedded in our business processes. This is because circularity can considerably reduce the total lifecycle costs. Within our company, we encourage the making of sustainable choices.

A circular economy offers opportunities for entrepreneurs: more chain cooperation, innovation, less consumption of raw materials and less waste. We can only take advantage of these opportunities if all the relevant stakeholders – companies, governments and consumers – pursue a circular economy policy. We must bear in mind that industry is increasingly controlled by the consumer. Companies must not adapt the arrogant approach that we can impose products and services on the consumer. The consumer is becoming more aware of sustainability and the circular economy. We are there to serve the consumer. Cooperation is the driving force behind the circular economy and that ties in perfectly with VDL Nedcar’s DNA.

We continuously recognise the importance and focus
on contributing to the sustainable development of society.